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Lille, France


Brand analysis and strategy. Brand image: Concept, logotype, graphic guidelines, iconographic guidelines, interior design, stationery, menus, goodies. Brand deployment: website, posters, social media, events.

A nuanced reinvention of the French fry. The creations of Michelin-starred chef Cyril Prijot are a nuanced reinvention of the French fry in the heart of French gastronomy. An evolving and exquisite French restaurant. L'Atelier favours intimacy over austerity, comfort over conformity and quality over all the rest.

01.Strategy. Research. Design. Branding.

The brand design started with a process of conceptualization and definition of the principles, values and goals of the brand; based on these, I worked on the brand personality and design.

02.A brand taking shape.

I wanted to create a visual identity with the key concept of "Fine rawness" which reflects the chef's philosophy of raw simplicity and elegance. The logotype is composed of a monotype typography and a letter L raised by a zero, symbolically representing the "origin 0", the place of creation and experimentation. The interior of the restaurant is composed of marble and gold textures contrasted by crystal suspensions. The minimalist look of the brand is achieved through a limited colour palette that fits in with the fundamental values of the chef and his establishment.

Print design.

It made a choice of materials for applications: airy transparent dividers contrats with hand made craft paper with it's thick texture and raw edges. The overlays create an unexpected compositions out of content that makes layout look experimental and contemporary yet suitable for a fine dining restaurant. It also underlines restaurant interior where elegant textures of marble and gold are balanced with massive ceilling lights made of raw crystal.


The product design strategy begins with the design of an MVP with which you can gather relevant information to improve the product throughout the next stages. The definition and conceptualization of the product MVP starts with the research stage, including workshops with stakeholders, an in-depth analysis of the sector and its context, analyses of users and their needs through interviews, and validations and tests with users and influencers in the sector. The insights obtained during this process of research and analysis carve out the roadmap for product development, the definition and refinement of the features and the usability, as well as the definition and development of the product branding.

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