La Bulle de Maryse.


La Bulle de Maryse




Digital product design: UX research, concept design, UX/UI design. Branding: brand identity, packaging and Content strategy. Experience design. Frontend development.

La Bulle de Maryse is a natural cold process soap brand that offers products targeting various skin care concerns, providing an immediate improvement for different skin conditions based on essential oils and natural ingredients.

As envirommental problems and toxic ingredients have emerged as serious issues in the cosmetic market, chemical-free and preservative-free products have become new trends while each and every skin clinic and global skincare brand emphazises its own technology.

01.A brand taking shape.

La Bulle de maryse is a brand that serves as a catalyst for wellness to inspire healthy living in its customers. The visuals will be inspired by nature and botany to invite consumers to aspire to a healthier life and to enjoy the little pleasures of life. The new logo has been chosen in a sober and pure style. It is circular in shape to connote a reassuring spirit like a bubble or cocoon and to awaken softness and benevolence. Contrasted by geometric lines that evoke seriousness and professionalism, the circle is divided into four parts that represent the four elements, a relationship and a nod to nature, a central element in the brand's image. "Inspired by nature" is the brand's baseline. The aim is to affirm the natural, artisanal and botanical side of the brand. The baseline appeals to the semantic field of dreams, well-being and self-assertion.

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