Muuto Mook Design.






Illustrations, layout & editorial design

Muuto design is a mook, meaning a periodical publication in a hybrid form, between a magazine, a journal and a book. It approaches the theme of contemporary Scandinavian design through three axes: current inspirations and trends, architectural design and product design. "Muuto" is a Scandinavian term for an artistic movement with a pure and minimalist style. The design of this mook is in harmony with this trend.


Drawings are their own form of architecture. I explore drawing as a way of building. The drawings are exercises in understanding the possibilities of plans, sections and elevations. I took a close look at the light, shadow, pattern, scale figures, landscape, structure and different levels of opacity. Providing a subtle celestial connection, lines across plans can be read as the sun or movement across the site. Even more so than the elevations, the plan drawings leave room for interpretation through abstract elements.

02.Layout design.

The design reflects the minimalism and the clean lines of "Muuto" concept. A clean, sober line-graphic style reflect the elegance of "muuto". In line with the overall concept, any graphics, or illustrations should be part of the narrative and never just space fillers. The spacious and lightweight feel help to highlight the work of designers and artists.

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