Decathlon, Rockrider.


Decathlon, Rockrider




Branding : Brand identity and content strategy. Experience design. Packaging. Digital product design: Concept design, content production.

Rockrider is the mountain bike brand of Decathlon. During my work-study programme, we worked on the redesign of the brand's visual identity. The brand's logotype was part of the overall rebranding of Decathlon and its signature sports. As for the charter, it was written in a spirit of "less is more"; we wanted to highlight the product by its essence, to connect it to nature and its playground.

01.Less is more

This trend is characterised by the use of simple elements, clean lines & sober materials. The idea is to free oneself as much as possible from non-essential artifices.

02.Omnichannel Strategy

We have the opportunity of building the digital experience of a consolidated firm. What priorities did we set? Creating a digital universe for the brand that fitted and kept consistency with its retail identity. Achieving consistency in user experience through all channels -the experience had to be seamless.

What are today’s consumers looking for? Without a doubt, today’s consumers want to decide when, where and what they are buying, and hope for the same experience regardless of the channel they are using. It was clear to us that we had to focus in developing an omnichannel experience.

03.A new marketing strategy

The sale of bicycles in cardboard boxes has been the new commercial strategy applied to the whole of Decathlon's cycle division. For online purchases, it allows the customer experience to be developed right up to the home: the cardboard is optimised on the back to make it easier to assemble your bike yourself thanks to the qr-codes linked to the tutorial videos. For in-store purchases, the box provides better protection during transport, easier packing and storage, and a more attractive look.

The cosmetic sticker on the side allows a quick identification of the model, the colour and the type of practice.

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